You cannot imagine how glad we are to see World of Tanks on Xbox One, because it seems is one of the titles that can arouse interest among the gaming community. The only downside, as it is well known throughout the multiplayer experience on Xbox One, is that you need to have a Gold account to enjoy it, something that clashes with the Free-to-Play wargaming nature, but surpassing this, what they offered has left us so satisfied that the only thing left is to congratulate them – yet again – the company.

By Miguel Alperi Río


Perhaps the best Free-to-Play in history: I start with a sentence like this because really the data and track record speaks by itself. World of Tanks began strongly in Russia and Eastern European countries, but suffered a raid in the western market with great force, and has since then been installed on millions of people´s hard drives. Then, the turn to launch it on consoles like Xbox 360 came, however it needed to give a major facelift and what a better way than with the leap to the next Microsoft generation.


One of the biggest World of Tanks news, is the inclusion of games against bots, making it ideal for beginners, as starting directly in multiplayer games could be overwhelming because the other players already have more advanced and better equipped battle tanks. So we can get used to the fighting and each tank´s optimal functioning.


There are about 200 tanks available, you can access them based on spending rewards we get by playing. There is also the opportunity to improve their basic attributes or weapons, thanks to the technological tree, which we can investigate until making it Elite. These tanks belong to different nations, such as France, UK, Germany, USA, USSR, China and Japan. In addition, they are divided into different categories, having light, medium, heavy, anti-tank and artillery tanks. It is important to know how to play with each other, as they all have their weaknesses and strengths.


Light trucks are ideal to move gracefully across the stage, although their ability to attack is not as powerful having heavy tanks against in which there is not much it can be done. However, they have the option to mark targets in order to more powerful units know the enemy´s position to attack. The medium ones are the most versatile tanks. Pretty faster, more powerful than light and highly recommended for the first games. Heavy tanks are our favorites as they present a very high offensive power. In addition, they are not slow at all.


Where you can really see the decrease on motion range is with anti-tank and artillery units, that the best they can do is hide and wait to see where to attack rivals from protected and high positions.

We are now clear what World of Tanks offers, although there are a million details to comment. Online play passes with fluidity and solidity worth of praise (15 vs 15), and we also love the set of challenges they propose us during the games, making them more pleasant.


If we fulfill, we will get big rewards to continue to improve our “garage”. There are also training games between players, and a squad/platoon mode for four players where you can also get experience and gold. To finalize, we left the control system matter, perhaps the point where you had maybe more doubts. However, do not worry, we will make it clear for you, because the tanks´ driving is very comfortable with the command, and it has been adapted perfectly. You will not suffer at all; just take your time as perhaps the only thing that should be monitored if you are a novice is to have the enough patience and tenacity to learn how to play as a team and accept that there are users who have better tanks than you. If you spend some time, you’ll end up discovering a game of many carats.


Technical section: You can see a great leap in model tanks quality and scenarios detail when comparing it to the Xbox 360. The destructible environments are also better reflected and the lighting effect detail is much more credible . It doesn’t offer one of the most advanced Xbox One technical sections, but at least it does manage to show a solid ensemble, very well finished and with a maps structural design that has fascinated us.


Regarding the sound, we can see a set of stunning sound effects. If you have got a good Home Cinema, I recommend you to put the volume high up to enjoy a unique war sound. And by the way, it comes with display texts and voices in spanish.


Conclusion: It is a highly addictive game, full of possibilities and with stability for the multiplayer game development. If you like competitive matches, there is no doubt that this title have an inescapable choice, although if you’re a novice, you better arm yourself with patience in the early hours, because it takes time to get used to it and catch up with the veterans departure, who have hundreds of hours spent on it and it really takes time to catch up.


The best: One of the best Free-to-Play on Xbox One. The improvements in the technical section offers more gaming options than other versions Playing via online. It is very stable and highly addictive.

The worst: More weight news will not be included. It takes patience to get good at all mechanisms


Gameplay: 8

Multiplayer: 8.5

Graphics: 8

Music / Sound: 8.5

Spanish Edition: 8

NOTE: 8.5



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