Author: José Zapata

Jose Zapata

Jose Gregorio Zapata Urdaneta is a video game writer and a casually addicted gamer. Jose Zapata has worked as a video game writer for over four years. He focuses on video game troubleshooting, game lists, and game guides. His first console was a SNES in 1994, and his first games were Star Fox and Super Mario. Since he was a kid, he learned he had a passion for playing, sharing, and talking about games, so he pursued the endeavor with a Social Communication bachelor's degree. His favorite genre is RTS (real-time-strategy), so he plays Age of Empires IV, Age of Empires II, Total War: Warhammer III, Starcraft II, and others. He also has a passion for the type of open-world games where he can create his adventures, such as Minecraft and, with tons of mods, Fallout 4. And like every other gamer, he also likes action-RPG games such as Elden Ring or Mass Effect, although he has a soft spot for classic turn-based RPGs like Original Sin II or the Baldur's Gate Saga. He also manages two YouTube channels. One of these features semi-professional gameplay for eSports players (Rocket League, Warzone, and others). Additionally, he has a background as a musician (bass player), and he used to write musical tutorials and reviews for BegginnerGuitarHQ.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale keeps growing with new content and mechanics. Sometimes, though, the developers erase features you like with new updates. For example, you may be looking for an option to spectate that you used to see on the main menu. The feature to spectate game matches debuted in Chapter 2. Currently, we’re on Chapter 3, Season 4, which debuted in September 2022. The component is missing in Fortnite’s current state. In other words, you won’t find any “Spectate” button on Fortnite’s dashboard, where we used to find it. Is there another way to watch matches within the game? The…

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Fortnite is a growing free-to-play behemoth, and every update adds to its already successful formula. Ever since Chapter 2, boars have been a part of the game. So, it is quite essential to know how to tame a boar in Fortnite? Aside from taming boars, you can hunt boars and wolfs. These features are not new, but you may need some help understanding how it works. The process is easy, but you may require some practice and patience. Also, there’s a degree of luck, as we can’t tell you exactly where to find one. Why to Tame a Boar in Fortnite?…

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